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Kelly Rowland: 'I looked like a monster at times'

Former Destiny'S Child star Kelly Rowland is glad she no longer has to avoid mirrors after finding a makeup expert who helps her complement her skin tone.

As a member of the trio, Kelly enjoyed a string of hits before the girls parted ways a decade ago, but she admits the group's look wasn't always a hit with her.

Looking back, the singer admits there were times she, Beyonce and Michelle Williams should have stayed behind closed doors.

"I remember going to Europe and there was this one makeup artist... and she made me look pink,” Kelly told PeopleStyle, "and then when she tried again, I looked green. And then when she tried again, I looked way fairer than what I really am."

And the problem didn't get much better when the trio attempted to take control of their look: "I looked like a monster in one picture. I remember Destiny’s Child went to the Brit Awards, and we tried to do our faces ourselves. I looked crazy. So I had to learn!"

Rowland has since perfected her look by taking time to learn what makeup looks good and what doesn't - and now she's offering advice for other young stars.

"Less makeup is more," she explained. "You can look like yourself, you don’t have to want to look like anybody else. Just be your own unique you. And intuition. As women, we have the best intuition, so just go with it. There’s nothing wrong with it, you’re spot on."

Thankfully, Kelly's fashions nearly always looked good - thanks to Beyonce's mum, Tina, who designed the matching outfits Destiny's Child wore.

"I wanted to try everything, I wanted to see what worked," Kelly cooed. "I wasn’t afraid."

Although she does have some reservations about certain outfits: "I’m like, 'What were we thinking with these chicken outfits?'"

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