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Kelly Osbourne slams Duchess' recycled wardrobe


Kelly Osbourne has blasted Prince William's new wife Catherine, Duchess Of Cambridge for recycling her fashionable looks, insisting she should wear a new dress every day.
The new British royal has fast become a fashion icon for her stunning wardrobe choices and has been widely praised for mixing and matching her pieces to wear on more than one occasion.
But rock offspring Osbourne, a regular commentator on E!'s Fashion Police, is not a fan of the princess' "thrifty" ways.
She says, "In England they're like, 'Look how thrifty she's being, showing the British public that the royals are in a recession as well. Only in this country (America) they call it a faux pas.
"I'm sorry, but if I had that job I would only wear it once. If I am going to be the future b**ody Queen of England I'm going to wear that dress once because I'm giving up the rest of my life, all of my privacy. At least I can get a new dress every day!"
Kelly Osbourne hit the headlines earlier this week (beg01Aug11) after she poked fun at longtime nemesis Christina Aguilera over her fashion choices, calling the singer a "fat b**ch".
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