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Kelly Clarkson still looking for love

Kelly Clarkson has compared her love life to the American Idol audition process, insisting she can't find a man because "dating is hard".

The former American Idol champion has long struggled to find a boyfriend, and has previously been plagued by rumours about her sexuality because of her longtime single status.

Clarkson, 29, is adamant she hasn't given up looking for love, but she just hasn't found a suitable partner yet.

She tells Access Hollywood, "The problem isn't getting offers - the problem is getting offers from someone you like, you know? It's really hard to find.

"I recently said - I think it was last night to my manager - I was like, 'You know what the problem is? It's like an American Idol audition. The worst ones are the most confident. And the same thing goes for my dating life. The worst guys are the most confident with me. And the ones you want to ask you out are intimidated, so yeah, it's not fun. Dating is hard!"

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