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Kellie Pickler channelled pain of mum's desertion on new album

Kellie Pickler used the songwriting sessions for her new album as emotional therapy after opening up about the hurt she felt when her mother deserted her family.

The former American Idol star's mum Cynthia left their home when Pickler was aged two, and she was brought up by her grandparents and her dad, who spent time in jail.

Pickler admits her upbringing was tough, and she used her anguish to help her write the track Mother's Day for her album 100 Proof.

She tells the Associated Press, "I went through all of the stages of hurt and crying and mad and angry and just red, seeing red. I went through all of those emotions, which anyone would... I had to get it out, and then I realised, this ain't working. This ain't making anything better. When you get to that place where you can forgive and just let go, it's so freeing."

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