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Kellan Lutz misses out on making baseball hero story

Twilight star Kellan Lutz has missed out on bringing baseball star Josh Hamilton's life story to the big screen - because Casey Affleck was the first to score a home run on the project.

Lutz is a massive fan of the slugger and had hoped to secure the rights for a biopic about him.

He tells WENN, "A real life hero that I read the book of and would have loved to have done is Josh Hamilton. The book is called Beyond Belief. He's an amazing baseball player but his story and the trials and tribulations that he went through; he's just a normal dude who gets tempted and makes wrong decisions.

"He really pulled himself out of a dark place and, after reading the book, I just felt so connected to it. I actually got to meet Josh through a friend of a friend, and he's such a cool dude. I just love his story... To bring that story to life would be amazing. But I think Casey Affleck is writing the screenplay."

Hamilton overcame drug abuse issues to become one of the biggest stars in baseball.

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