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Keith Duffy strips off pants on daytime TV show

Irish singer Keith Duffy stunned TV viewers in the U.K. on Friday (31Jan14) by dropping his trousers in the middle of a live daytime show.

The Boyzone star appeared on lunchtime talk show Loose Women to discuss his latest role as a contestant in high-diving competition Splash!, and he told the female hosts the program had left him battered and bruised.

As the audience gasped and shrieked in amazement, Duffy said, "My legs are black and blue - want to see?" before unhooking his belt, unfastening his pants and pulling them down to his knees.

The pop star's black briefs were clearly visibly as he pointed out his bruises and added, "I'm not joking you - that's it."

Asked how he came to be so injured plunging from a swimming pool diving board, Duffy answered, "If you land wrong it's not pleasant, put it that way."

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