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Katy Perry's Twitter cure for insomnia

Katy Perry has found the perfect cure for insomnia - holding a mammoth question-and-answer session with her online fans.

The I Kissed a Girl hitmaker was struggling to sleep at her hotel room in Chicago, Illinois following a gig on Monday night (22Aug11) so she turned to her legion of Twitter followers for help.

She invited her fans to submit questions for her to answer - and after two hours of furious typing, Katy Perry was finally ready for a nap.

She wrote, "Oh boi! I have full insomnia! Shall we have a tweety chat? You ask Q's I'll give A's if you like?"

After answering almost 40 questions - including naming her favourite sport and declaring her love of British tinned snack baked beans - she called the session to a close, adding: "Okay it's 4am & I'm tweeting whilst eating flaming hot cheetos. I am losing my marbles. Thanks for the Q's. Hopefully it was fun for u!!!"

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