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Katy Perry's pizza dream comes true

Katy Perry's pizza dream has been realized - bosses at Los Angeles restaurant chain Shakey's Pizza are planning to mark the pop star's 30th birthday on 25 October (14) by putting her name in lights.

The singer recently tweeted her birthday wish, explaining she'd like to see her name on the marquee above the pizza parlour on Santa Monica Boulevard - along with everyone else celebrating their birthday there.

The chain officials obliged on Monday (20Oct14) by putting her name above their entrance, and now they're planning to do the same thing on all their marquees this weekend, even though the Roar singer won't actually be hosting a party there.

Perry's sign tribute was originally a present from her producer friend Sophia Rossi, and the singer posted the picture on her Twitter.com page, writing, "KICKING OFF BIRTHDAY WEEK RIGHT! This signage is a bucket list dream come true!!! SHOUT OUT TO ONE OF MY BEST FRIENDS FOR KILLING THE GIFT GAME."

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