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Kathy Griffin to host Daytime Emmy Awards

Comedienne Kathy Griffin is set to host the 2014 Daytime Emmy Awards.

The funnywoman will head the prizegiving event at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on 22 June (14).

A humorous statement from Griffin reads: "I am beyond thrilled to be hosting what I'm told is the most important television event of the year. Knowing that over 100 million people from every corner of the planet will be watching, I will try to keep my nerves at bay and deliver a great show.

"I can only hope that at the end of the evening, critics and fans alike will compare it to the experience they once had watching Neil Armstrong take man's first step on the moon. My only regret is knowing that this epic evening will distract millions of viewers from enjoying this year's World Cup. I apologize to FIFA."

The ceremony will be streamed live on the world wide web for the first time.

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