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Kathleen Turner to write acting textbook

Kathleen Turner is planning to turn her acting teacher skills into a lucrative new book deal.

The movie veteran and thespian has become an in-demand drama guru in the New York area, and now she's keen to spread her wisdom across the world in a new book about the craft of acting.

The Body Heat star tells WENN, "I'm working on an acting book with this professor at the University of Portland. It's based on what I think about how to act; an acting textbook. We're still editing it but it will be an educational book."

And Turner has some key advice for young actresses - head for the stage.

She adds, "One of the things I do tell young women if they want to pursue a career in acting is to get good stage training. That is a good basis to have good stage technique.

"You can move into film easily and apply more skill and more understanding but you can't necessarily go the other way around. And, for women, longevity of career will be very much on the stage - the roles I get to play now of Martha in Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf, of Mother Courage, of these extraordinary women, will not be on film. They are not commercial enough.

"If you want a long career, you need the stage."

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