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Kate Winslet recreates Titanic scene with Bear Grylls

British actress Kate Winslet has recreated a famous scene from her movie Titanic while scaling the side of a mountain with adventurer Bear Grylls.

The Oscar winner filmed an appearance on his TV show Running Wild with Bear Grylls, and during the episode, which aired on Monday (27Jul15), she is seen climbing down a cliff face with the fellow Brit in Snowdonia in Wales.

Winslet flings open her arms and yells, "Jack, I feel like I'm flying!" and Grylls replies, "Kate, do you trust me?" in reference to a scene in the movie epic with Leonardo DiCaprio.

During the episode, Winslet is also seen eating cooked earthworms, lighting a fire using a tampon, and removing a decapitated fish from between her breasts after Grylls jokingly threw it down her top after cutting off its head.

Grylls poked fun at Winslet, saying, "It's like taking Mary Poppins on steroids on a camping trip," but also praised her survival skills, adding, "She's tough, she's fun and she's also so modest."

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