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Kate Winslet: 'I was a feeder to Fassbender'

Actress Kate Winslet did her best to feed up Michael Fassbender when she thought he was getting too skinny on the set of Steve Jobs.

The British actress won a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actress on Sunday night (14Feb16) for her part in the Danny Boyle movie, but it seems she played just as important a role to her co-star off-screen too, admitting she was a bit of a "mother hen".

"I actually felt as though I had to look after him a little because he was so immersed and focused on the role that I would sort of watch him getting thinner and thinner," she told People magazine. "It was sort of a stress thing with him. I would keep trying to push chips in the way and try to arrange weekends away for him to go and relax and eat steaks."

It seems like Michael, 38, didn't mind Kate being a feeder on set, as he raved about his co-star to the outlet on the red carpet before the ceremony.

"She's very generous and also a leader," he said. "She's one of those born leaders always making sure all the time that everyone is doing well and getting enough rest."

Michael also praised the Oscar winner for her approach to work and saw many similarities between their acting styles and preparation methods.

"She's a class act." he added. "I love her. She's so much fun. She's brilliant. But both of us have similar styles in terms of preparing and work. We prepare a lot, then on the day we have fun with it."

Kate, 40, beat off stiff competition from Rooney Mara, Julie Walters, Alicia Vikander and Jennifer Jason Leigh to take home the award on Sunday, and taking to the stage, she recounted how she was told at the age of 14 to settle for the "fat girl parts".

"Any young woman who has ever been put down by a teacher, by a friend, by even a parents, just don’t listen to any of it," she said. "Because that’s what I did – I kept on going and I overcame my fears and got over my insecurities."

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