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Kanye West spends big on fabric for fashion line

Rapper-turned-clothes designer Kanye West showed his commitment to fashion after spending $22,400 on fabric in East London.

The Stronger hitmaker will unveil his women's wear line, co-designed by Louise Goldin, to the fashion pack at Paris Fashion Week on Saturday (01Oct11).

And West indulged in some retail therapy in the British capital ahead of creating his next collection, by spending a small fortune on material.

According to Britain's Daily Mail, West went into the London Trimmings store in Whitechapel without a large entourage and picked his favorite fabrics - and even had a cup of English tea with the owners.

Manager Ashraf Loonat tells the publication, "He turned up unexpectedly at first. He was very polite, interested in what we had to say.

"What was really good was when I asked him why he was here himself he said: 'I want to work from the ground upwards, I don't want to leave it to someone else.'

"We offered him a cup of tea and he said: "Thank you very much, one sugar please.' We got the kettle on for him and I was surprised he accepted it."

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