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Justin Bieber uses Mr. Deeds for romance inspiration

The romantic cinema surprises Justin Bieber has set up for girlfriend Selena Gomez in recent weeks were inspired by a scene in Adam Sandler movie Mr. Deeds.

The Baby singer rented out the Staples Center in Los Angeles last month (Sep11), so he and Gomez could watch Titanic in peace and he closed down a movie theatre in Manitoba, Canada last week (20Oct11), so he and his girl could watch Real Steel alone.

And he admits the ideas came from another movie.

He tells news show Access Hollywood, "It was kind of a little bit taken from Mr. Deeds, but it was my idea."

And the pop pin-up admits he has to go to great measures to see films - because he can't just show up at the local multiplex.

He explains, "If I go to a movie theatre, everyone is, like, not looking at the movie and looking at us. It's kinda, like, awkward... I'm looking at the movie and everyone's looking at me."

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