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Justin Bieber struggling to find new home

Justin Bieber is having a hard time finding a new home where he can host loud parties without upsetting his neighbours.

The What Do You Mean? singer sold his mansion in Calabasas, California in 2014 after getting into a number of disputes with fellow residents for throwing wild bashes and speeding his car around the gated community.

Justin subsequently moved house several times, but ran into trouble with the police on numerous occasions after neighbours at several properties complained about the noise, and he has now been living in a hotel in Beverly Hills, California for almost a year.

He is hoping to find somewhere to call home with the help of road manager Corey Gamble, who works for Justin's manager Scooter Braun, but he is struggling to find a place where he can make as much noise as he wants without causing problems.

"Me and Corey are laughing in the room right now, because he's helping me try to find a house. We just died laughing because we can't find, like we can, but we can't (sic), 'cause I won't make a decision," he tells Usmagazine.com.

When asked what the issue is, he replies, "I don't want neighbours!... I'm loud, I'm really loud. I'm gonna play my music really, really, really loud every night, I'm gonna play the drums. I'm gonna have a lot of people over, probably. And I can't have neighbours, just because I don't want to p**s anyone off.

"That's what I want to do at this young age: I want to have fun, I want to listen to music really, really, really loud... But we can't find that residence that's fully done yet... that I don't have to wait for it to have two years of construction. It's a process, but we're gonna find it. Hopefully we find it in the next six months or so."

Last year (14), Justin pleaded no contest to a misdemeanour vandalism charge for egging a neighbour's home in the Calabasas gated community. He paid $80,000 to the resident in restitution, was put on probation and ordered to undergo an anger management course and community service.

In November (15), he was taken off formal probation after he completed all his requirements.

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