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Justin Bieber shares dating tips in women's magazine

Justin Bieber is sharing his top dating tips for ladies looking for love with readers of a popular women's magazine.

The Baby hitmaker, who is dating singer/actress Selena Gomez, has become known for his lavish romantic gestures and famously rented out the 20,000-capacity Staples Center in Los Angeles last year (11) so he could watch Titanic with his girlfriend undisturbed.

Now Bieber is giving Cosmopolitan magazine readers advice on how to catch the eye of potential suitors and keep them interested past the first date, and he insists being adventurous is a big draw for guys: "Whether it's tasting new foods or going on different adventures - hikes, whatever - it's great when she's willing to try new things."

The 18 year old also gives an insight into his own preferences in girls, adding, "It's so sexy when a woman wears her hair in a messy bun, because it seems so carefree. I love when she knows how to be casual. Hair back, no make-up."

And the teen superstar is adamant about spending quality time with a loved one - so he encourages couples to ditch their cell phones when they are on a date: "Both of us leaving our phones behind is important... No distractions is the best (sic)."

Bieber's love advice emerges as his own relationship with Gomez comes under scrutiny amid rumours they are on the verge of a split. However, the stars have played down the claims and put on a united front recently while enjoying a dinner date in Los Angeles.

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