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Justin Bieber prank calls hair salon

Justin Bieber made a prank call to a hair salon in Los Angeles on Wednesday (02Nov11) during an appearance on Ryan Seacrest's radio show.

The teenage pop star was a guest on the radio presenter's broadcast and Seacrest encouraged the singer to call a local hair salon and ask for a Bieber-style blowdry.

Bieber happily picked up the phone and dialled the salon, speaking to a receptionist who was unaware of her caller's celebrity status.

He said, "Do you guys do The Bieber? The Bieber haircut... The blowdry... Do you guys do the Bieber blowdry?... Right so I'd like to book an appointment for Friday at 5pm to do the Bieber... This is Justin... What exactly is the Bieber?"

The receptionist replied, "I guess you just bring in a picture of Justin Bieber's hair the way you like it and we will do it that way."

Bieber then revealed his true identity, telling her, "What if I come in as Justin Bieber? What would you guys do then? This is Justin Bieber."

The woman sounded unconvinced and the call left Bieber and Seacrest in fits of giggles as they hung up the phone, with Bieber laughing, "She sounded like she bought it."

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