Justin Bieber in the clear after singer drops plagiarism lawsuit

A singer-songwriter who sued Justin Bieber for allegedly plagiarizing a hook from one of her songs in his hit Sorry has dropped her lawsuit.

Casey Dienel, 32, who performs under the name White Hinterland, filed a lawsuit against the 23-year-old singer, his producer Skrillex and Bloodpop, as well as the song's writers Julia Michaels and Justin Tranter last year (16).

She alleged a vocal loop from Sorry contained "unique characteristics of the female vocal riff," from her 2014 single, Ring The Bell.

Editors at report that Casey has now filed documents to dismiss the lawsuit. It is not known whether she, Justin and the song's writers came to a settlement before she dropped her complaint.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, she initially made her allegations public in a now deleted Facebook post.

"The writers, producers and performers of 'Sorry' did not obtain a license for this exploitation of my work, nor did they obtain or seek my permission," she reportedly wrote. "Yesterday afternoon, I filed a lawsuit for copyright infringement against Justin Bieber and the other responsible parties. Like most artists that sample music, Bieber could have licensed my song for use in 'Sorry.' But he chose not to contact me."

In her initial lawsuit Casey alleged an eight-second snippet of her vocals, and then looped throughout Sorry, which topped the singles chart in 2015.

She also claimed the tune features synthesizers, samples, synth bass, drums, and percussion closely resembling the sounds featured on Ring The Bell.

After the indie musician made her allegation, Skrillex, real name Sonny John Moore, took to Twitter in a bid to prove his innocence.

He shared a video on the social media site showing how he worked on a demo vocal recorded by Michaels and looped a section of her chorus to create the vocal hook Casey alleged was stolen. Justin then retweeted the video, adding the hashtag #wedontsteal.