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Justin Bieber courts controversy with Cuba trip

Justin Bieber has courted controversy again this week (beg20Jan14) after publishing a picture of himself smoking a cigar in Cuba.

The Baby singer has flown to the controversial country for a break just days after he reportedly blew $75,000 during a night out at a strip club in Miami, Florida.

On Wednesday (22Jan14), Bieber posted a picture of himself puffing on a cigar in Cuba on his Instagram.com page with the caption, "I'm in Cuba I love Cubans."

As a Canadian, Bieber is allowed to travel to Cuba, but the snaps have infuriated American fans who have lashed out at the star on social networking websites.

Beyonce and Jay Z previously came under fire for jetting off for a vacation in Cuba last year (13) as the U.S. government bans citizens from travelling to the Communist country for tourism purposes. It subsequently emerged the stars had been awarded travel permission for academic and cultural purposes.

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