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Justin Bieber buys another pet

Pop superstar Justin Bieber has welcomed another animal into his life, nine months after abandoning his pet monkey.

The Baby hitmaker stopped by a pet store in Stratford, Canada on Thursday (26Dec13) and decided to treat himself to a belated Christmas present by spending $600 on a seven-week-old Bulldog named Petey, according to TMZ.com.

The news is unlikely to go down well with animal rights campaigners - Bieber came under fire in March (13) after Mally, his capuchin monkey, was seized by German authorities because the 19 year old did not have the required documentation for the animal to enter the country.

Bieber never claimed the primate and Mally was eventually transferred to a local zoo.

The singer also previously owned a hamster, but offloaded the animal to a fan. The rodent subsequently died.

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