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Julian Lennon landed Aerosmith role over Steven Tyler's shower singing

John Lennon's musician son Julian landed a collaboration with Aerosmith after he caught the band's frontman Steven Tyler singing in the shower during a stay at a hotel in Los Angeles.

Lennon joined the group in the studio to record a track for its new album, Music From Another Dimension!, and Tyler has now revealed the project came about after an unusual meeting at a hotel.

He tells the London Evening Standard, "A lot of stuff happens in L.A. We were staying at a hotel where Julian Lennon was staying, and one morning I was singing in the shower. The window was open, and I just heard, 'Steven?' We brought him over to the studio and he sang on the opening track."

Tyler also reveals Hollywood actor Johnny Depp ended up singing on the record by accident after he dropped by the studio to lend the rockers a guitar.

The singer adds, "Johnny's got a great guitar collection - he is a great musician. He came round to the studio and I asked if I could borrow one of his axes. He brought one down and we were laying down some tracks, and by the time it got to about two in the morning, usually at that time whoever is left in the studio gets put in front of the microphone for backing vocals. We did the 'Oh yeahs' and everything and he is now on the record."

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