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Joss Stone thanks fans for fundraising efforts

British singer Joss Stone has thanked fans who helped her raise more than $440,000 to fund specialist treatment for a young cancer patient.

The You Had Me hitmaker took to her Facebook.com page last week (ends21Apr13) to highlight the plight of seven-year-old Alexander Novakovic, who needs expert medical help in his battle with a brain tumour.

She called on her fans to help reach the $408,000 target to send the Brit-based youngster to Boston, Massachusetts for treatment - and Stone is delighted to learn the goal has been achieved.

In a follow-up post on her page, she writes, "Officially a very happy bunny today! The target has been smashed for Alexander's fund. Thank you so much to everyone who donated or spread the word. They've raised over £275k now (sic), more than they need so other people can be helped by the charity to (sic). So pleased that little Alexander will be getting the treatment he needs."

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