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Josh Duhamel reassured Ryan Seacrest over Julianne Hough love scene

Josh Duhamel reached out to Julianne Hough's boyfriend Ryan Seacrest to reassure him before shooting a love scene with the former dancer for new movie Safe Haven.

Duhamel and Hough play the central characters in the big screen adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' best-selling novel, but the actor insisted on talking to his co-star's partner before the cameras rolled on their most intimate scene.

The Transformers stars tells Access Hollywood, "I just thought it would be cool if he and I had a man to man (talk) about the scene before we started shooting it. I was like, 'Hey, just so you know, I totally respect you and your relationship. Nothing weird is going to happen, just so you know'.

"And (Seacrest was) like, 'Yeah, I wasn't even thinking about it'. I walked away thinking, 'Why would I feel compelled to do that? You only made him think about it when you didn't even need to'."

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