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Jordana Brewster losing her voice on Furious 7 promo tour

Actress Jordana Brewster is nursing a sore throat after almost losing her voice from all of her promotional duties for new movie Furious 7.

The Brazilian beauty made an appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Friday (03Apr15) and admitted she was starting to sound more and more like her deep-voiced Fast & Furious franchise co-star Vin Diesel as she battles illness.

She quipped, "I sound like Vin Diesel... It's been so much talking about the movie, I think I just lost my voice. It (her hoarse voice) is kind of interesting!"

Brewster and her co-stars' hard work has paid off - the latest installment in the street car racing series crashed into number one at the North American box office, raking in a stunning $143.6 million in its opening weekend (03-05Apr15).

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