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Johnny Knoxville undergoes second hand surgery

Prankster Johnny Knoxville has had to undergo a second operation on his left hand to correct an injury he suffered while filming his comedy Bad Grandpa.

The Jackass star ruptured a tendon in his finger last year (13) while filming a scene at a college campus after a student spiked his drink with Ecstasy, causing him to act like a "train wreck".

He underwent surgery at the time to treat the issue, but recently had to go under the knife again in a bid to regain full use of his digit.

During the hospital appointment, Knoxville also learned that he had been living with other injuries as well.

He says, "It (his hand) just kind of froze, but it's great (now)... When I went in for my hand, they also told me that I have a fractured elbow and a torn shoulder. It was sore, but I didn't know. Sometimes you walk around with things and you don't know you got them (sic)."

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