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Joely Richardson feels closer to family after 'terrible' grief

Actress Joely Richardson feels closer to her family than ever following the death of three relatives in recent years.

Joely Richardson's sister Natasha passed away in 2009 after suffering a brain injury in a skiing accident in Canada.

The Redgrave acting dynasty was rocked again last year (10) with the death of Richardson's aunt Lynn Redgrave and uncle Corin Redgrave - the siblings of the Nip/Tuck star's mother Vanessa Redgrave.

The deaths hit the family hard, and Richardson and Redgrave have opened up about their grief in a joint interview with Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper.

When asked by the reporter if their suffering had brought them closer, Joely Richardson replied, "We would say yes. The whole family has been brought closer together, because everyone is so deeply caring of each other, and we all took such a terrible knock."

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