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Jim Sturgess forms duo with girlfriend

Written by . Published: August 10 2011

Jim Sturgess is hoping to make his mark on the pop charts after forming a duo with his girlfriend, La Roux musician Mickey O'brien.

The Across The Universe star, who previously fronted groups like Saint Faith and Dilated Spies before his acting career took off, has revealed he and keyboard player O'Brien have former a new electronic group called Tragic Toys.

He says, "I've been playing music since I was 15, playing in bands and various things. I write a lot of music with my girlfriend Mickey. We have a little studio in our home and we're both musicians and we instinctively write a lot of music together.

"We have all these demoed bedroom recordings, as it were, so it would be nice to get them in a studio and work on them and bring them to life. We're both pretty busy to find the time to do that but I'd like to."

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