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Jessie James Decker axes sports show over food poisoning

Country star Jessie James Decker had to axe a planned halftime performance at a football game on Sunday (21Dec14) after falling sick with food poisoning.

The singer was due to join the bill for the entertainment at the New York Jets' match against the New England Patriots in the Big Apple on Sunday but she was taken ill on Saturday morning (20Dec14).

After vomiting for much of the night, she called off the scheduled gig on Sunday and spent another 24 hours recovering before telling fans on Monday (22Dec14) she is feeling much better.

In a message on Twitter.com on Sunday, Decker, whose husband Eric is wide receiver for the Jets, wrote, "Threw up all night this sucks... So sorry y'all. I am just too sick & can't seem to fight it. Don't think you want me throwing up on stage... will be watching at home."

On Monday, in a series of messages on Twitter and Instagram.com, she updated fans about her condition, writing, "Pretty sure we all had good poisoning (sic)... feeling better. Still weak from the puking but way better. Wonder what we ate...

"Feelin better this am (morning). I think it was food poisoning! Little weak but better. Love y'all. Thanks for all the get well messages."

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