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Jessie J undergoes surgery for mystery condition

British pop star Jessie J is recovering after undergoing an operation on Monday (22Jun15).

The Price Tag hitmaker, who suffered an irregular heartbeat and seizures in her youth, shared an image on Instagram.com showing her before and after the surgery, but she has refused to disclose the nature of her health crisis.

Jessie J has declared her condition is not linked to her heart or her voice and she urged fans to stop speculating about her illness.

She writes, "I don't often share personal stuff (especially about my health) anymore... I just get on with it secretly... Just know I am OK... I had an operation yesterday so need to rest... I won't be saying what for so please don't keep asking me... Its (sic) personal and I know you can respect that... Love, prayers and well wishes is all I need... Sleep... rest... Maybe some pie and mash... For the record it's not my heart or my voice... My heart and voice are fine... Hospitals have been my secret second home my whole life and they never get nice to be in... But they can inspire a great song..."

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