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Jessie J backs Britain's music video age rating scheme

Singer Jessie J is backing the British government's scheme to add age ratings to music videos ahead of its launch on Friday (03Sep14).

The plan is supported by three of the U.K.'s biggest record labels, Sony, Universal, and Warner Bros., and aims to stop children from watching saucy promos online.

Jessie J admits some of her more risque videos will be censored from her younger fans as they contain adult themes, but she agrees with the move.

She tells the BBC's Newsbeat show, "I think it's a wonderful idea... However much I enjoy being an inspiration, there are parts of my life that I live as a 26-year-old woman that some of my fans shouldn't hear and see and when everything is so obtainable on Twitter, Instagram and Youtube... When I was young, I wouldn't have been allowed to listen to my music... like some of my fans are very, very young. I think Price Tag was great but there are some songs I think are too raunchy and I think that... those sort of things (the age rating scheme) being put in place are what we need to establish what people should be able to listen too... We worry about kids growing up too fast - there has to be parents that put rules in place (sic) and also us as a country... I definitely think it (the rating scheme) would be great to do... I think it's good to cater for everybody but it's really hard to cater for everybody."

The record labels involved in the scheme will submit their artists' videos for classification. The promos will then receive a 12, 15 or 18 certificate as well as content advice for viewers.

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