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Jesse Eisenberg's play praised by critics

Jesse Eisenberg has won rave reviews for both his acting and his writing after The Social Network star's new play debuted in New York this week (beg24Oct11).

The Oscar-nominated actor wrote Asuncion himself and he also takes a starring role in the Off-Broadway show opposite The Hangover's Justin Bartha.

The production, which opened at Manhattan's Cherry Lane Theatre on Thursday (27Oct11), tells the story of two liberal students whose ideals are challenged when a young Filipina girl becomes their new roommate, and Eisenberg has won praise for his acting and writing, with critics lauding his "lively dialogue" and "comic gifts".

Charles Isherwood, of the New York Times, writes, "Mr. Eisenberg writes lively dialogue that strikes plenty of comic sparks," while Joe Dziemianowicz, of the New York Daily News, adds, "Eisenberg is at his neurotically funny best... (Asuncion) spotlights Eisenbergs's comic gifts as actor and author."

David Rooney, of the Hollywood Reporter, writes, "Eisenberg shows a flair for dialogue and structure, plus a spiky comic perspective and a willingness to get ugly, all of which would make it a good thing if he continues to explore playwriting."

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