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Jennifer Lopez turns in new album late

Jennifer Lopez has "handed in" her latest album in the nick of time after record label bosses gave her a weekend extension to complete the project.

The singer/actress reveals her 10th album was due last Friday (25Apr14), but executives gave her until midnight on Monday (28Apr14) to add finishing touches.

She explains, "It's my 10th album and I guess I just had that in my mind. Usually when I've done albums before, it's like two-to-four months max (maximum); this I've been working on over a year.

"Every time they were like, 'Are you ready?' I was like, 'No, not yet'."

But Lopez admits the deadline issue didn't pass without drama - her manager Benny Medina gave her a hard time when she failed to hand the finished album over on Friday, as planned.

Speaking to Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night, she said, "When you miss you deadlines, it doesn't go up when it's supposed to go up... Benny's my manager and partner for many years and he's like, 'Come on kiddo...!' I yell back if I have to."

And the delay means J.Lo isn't fixed on a title yet; she is considering rehashing the title of a former track, Same Girl, or AKA.

She added, "It's 'also known as' because I feel like I've been given so many monikers, and I do a lot of different things."

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