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Jennifer Lopez thrilled with Ben Affleck's Argo success

Jennifer Lopez is pleased Ben Affleck has found huge success with Argo, insisting her ex-boyfriend is finally "getting what he deserves" after his career was mocked by critics for years.

The singer/actress was spotted giving Affleck, who she dated from 2002 to 2004, a standing ovation at the Golden Globe Awards on Sunday (13Jan13) when he landed the Best Director trophy for his latest movie.

Lopez admits she was "rooting" for her former lover, who has managed to make a comeback after starring in a series of flops during their headline-grabbing romance.

She tells Access Hollywood, "I was happy for him. I was so happy for him. We went through a rough time at a certain point and it was like we couldn't get a break and now to see him be successful and getting what he deserves for what he did made me feel really good. I'm really happy for him. He's fine now, it's OK. I'm always rooting for him."

Affleck's popularity waned after he and Lopez co-starred in 2003 box office bomb Gigli, but he has since climbed his way back onto the Hollywood A-list by turning his attention to directing.

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