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Jennifer Lopez saddened about childhood playground spat

Jennifer Lopez still feels awful about beating up a school pal when she was nine, and wishes she hadn't bowed under peer pressure.

The singer/actress insists she has never truly beaten anyone up but there was one fight decades ago she wishes she had avoided.

The Jenny From the Block singer tells Access Hollywood, "I was in the second or third grade. I did push her down... You know what I remember about that fight is that my friends pushed me to fight this girl that I didn’t wanna fight. You know how girls do that? We’re talking like eight or nine years old now - it’s ridiculous.

"(It was) like, 'She’s talking about you. You need to beat her up!' And I’m like, ‘Yeah... I need to beat her up...' It was so stupid. It was so dumb.

"I feel bad about it now. Now I’m thinking about, now the memory’s making me feel depressed."

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