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Jennifer Lopez brands Marc Anthony a 'pig' on TV

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony's tensions will be laid bare when the next episode of TV talent show Q'viva! The Chosen airs on Saturday (07Apr12) - she calls him a "pig" when he refers to two sexy dancers as his "honeys".

The stars split last summer (Jul11) and both have since found love with new partners - but they remain friends and business accomplices on the show they helped create before the break-up.

But it's clear there is some bad blood between them - as was evident during the taping of the most recent episode of Q'Viva!

After a heated discussion over axing acts the pair had picked to compete on the show, the drama unfolded during a live performance when Marc Anthony got excited about a pair of sexy dancers.

He said, "These are my honeys... my babies," prompting a disgusted Jennifer Lopez to state, "You're a pig!"

The heavily edited segment then flashed to footage of Jennifer Lopez laughing, but it was clear the clash between the former couple had been an awkward one - an annoyed and unhappy Marc Anthony snapped, "Alright, whenever you're ready."

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