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Jennifer Hudson stunned by fiance's proposal

Jennifer Hudson has opened up about her fiance David Otunga's romantic proposal - he kept her engagement ring taped to his leg to prevent the singer from stumbling upon the box by accident.

Professional wrestler Otunga popped the question on a beach in Malibu, California on Jennifer Hudson's 27th birthday (12Sep08).

And the star admits Otunga was so fearful she might find the ring and ruin the surprise, he didn't take any chances on her discovering his intentions.

During an interview on news show Dateline, which is set to air on Sunday (08Jan12), she says, "He decides to propose on my birthday. In California. I remember him telling me like, 'Put on your favourite dress.' The day he proposed he made a specific scene with certain songs. And we're driving and we're listening to the music.

"And (when we get to the beach) he had birthday cards and like each card... threw another hint and then another hint and then another hint. And then when I got to the last one it said, 'When you're done reading this card I want you to turn around and I have your birthday gift for you.' And I'm like, 'Oh god,' and I turn around and that's when he's on his knee proposing... Little did I know he had my ring taped to his leg the whole night before because he didn't want to take any chances of me seeing it."

The couple has not yet wed, but Jennifer Hudson gave birth to their first child, David Otunga Jr., the year after they became engaged.

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