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Jennifer Hudson held gospel celebration on Hollywood Walk of Fame star

Singer/actress Jennifer Hudson had to be asked to move along by police last week (13Nov13) after staging an hours-long gospel celebration on her Hollywood Walk of Fame star shortly after the unveiling ceremony.

The Dreamgirls star was presented with the pavement plaque on 13 November (13) and she reveals she took her family back to the sidewalk spot that evening to gaze at the honor.

The get together quickly became a church-style event as family and friends joined the Oscar winner for a few hymns and spirituals.

The impromptu gathering, which lasted into the early hours, attracted strange stares from cops patrolling the area - and they eventually managed to convince the group to head home.

She says, "It was so fun. I tried to fly my whole, entire family to the ceremony so I had everybody with me, and it's just such an amazing honor...

"I ended up back at the star (afterwards)... I had to go make sure it was still there...! Like, this is really real. I took my whole family and we ended up having church (sic) on the star, singing. We stayed out there until like, two in the morning until the police removed us! We prayed and we sang... Well they (police) didn't kick us out, but they was (sic) about to by the third time they came around!"

Hudson was joined by her fiance, David Otunga, their four-year-old son David Daniel Otunga, Jr., music mentor Clive Davis, R&B star Raphael Saadiq and songwriter Diane Warren at the ceremony, where she paid an emotional tribute to her late mother, Darnell Donnerson, who was murdered in 2008 by the singer's estranged brother-in-law.

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