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Jennifer Aniston keeping wedding plans from best pal Chelsea Handler

Jennifer Aniston is keeping details about her upcoming nuptials so secret, even her best friend Chelsea Handler has been kept in the dark.

Reports suggest the former Friends star is preparing to wed her actor fiance Justin Theroux in Hawaii in the coming weeks, but Jennifer Aniston has yet to officially invite her friends and family - or even let them in on her plans.

Comedienne Chelsea Handler says, "I know she's engaged but that's all I know. I'm sure I'll find out about it when it's about to happen... for privacy issues... I honestly don't know anything about it. She doesn't consult me on her plans."

However, the funnywoman, known for her risque and sarcastic sense of humor, doesn't expect to be in Jennifer Aniston's bridal party, despite their close friendship.

She tells talk show host Katie Couric, "Would you ask me to be a flower girl? I mean seriously... Bridesmaids are tricky. If I got married I wouldn't even have a bridesmaid..."

But Chelsea Handler is sure about one thing - Justin Theroux, who proposed last summer (12), is the man for Aniston: "She's happy, of course. He's a great guy."

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