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Jenifer Lewis Sues Gym Bosses After Conman Lover Allegedly Makes Off With $50,000

Actress Jenifer Lewis is suing executives at a popular California gym franchise over a romance gone wrong.

The Black-ish star, who voices the character Flo in the Cars films, claims gym bosses at L.A. Fitness should never have hired the conman who trained her, dated her and then swindled her for $50,000 (GBP40,000).

In her lawsuit, Jenifer reveals she met the unnamed guy at an L.A. Fitness club in West Los Angeles, where he was a manager.

They dated briefly, but three months into the relationship he convinced her to loan him money for a film he was producing. He then disappeared with the cash.

She claims she approached L.A. Fitness bosses and urged them to take responsibility for hiring the crooked manager, but they sided with him and urged her to stop making accusations. The last straw came when they reportedly banned her from the gym.

A representative for L.A. Fitness has yet to respond.

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