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Jemima Kirke blames acting career for marriage split

Girls actress Jemima Kirke blamed her decision to divorce on her profession.

The 31-year-old hit headlines in January (17) when it was reported she had split with her husband of seven years, Michael Mosberg, last summer (16) and Jemima confirmed the news in an interview with Britain's ES Magazine, in which she revealed she is convinced years of examining her life and her choices as an actor are to blame for the split.

"I got divorced and I attribute that to acting," she said. "And just asking myself, ‘Is this really me?’... So much of my life has been about reaction, just following the flow rather than making a strong choice.

“In acting you are always asking yourself why you do things, why you make the choices you make. Everything means something. And so then you start looking at your own life in that way. I’ve learnt a lot more about myself and started to figure out what I really want.”

She met Michael in rehab and they got married in 2009. They have two children together - Rafaella, six, and Memphis, four - while the actress is also stepmother to his son and daughter.

Jemima accidentally got her break in acting when she was cast in her friend Lena Dunham's hit TV show Girls, which ends this year (17) after six seasons. Since Girls wrapped filming in September (16), Jemima has continued to pursue acting and has already filmed Untogether, a movie which also stars Jamie Dornan, Ben Mendelsohn and her sister Lola Kirke.

The actress will play a recovering heroin addict, a role she can relate to as she has been to rehab twice for substance abuse.

“When you are in rehab, and afterward, you think you are an addict,” she said. “I didn’t actually feel like the label fit, but I went through with it because I gave it credit for giving me a life and I was scared that if I abandoned it, I would go right back to where I was."

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