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Jason Bateman cried with laughter working with Jane Fonda

Actor Jason Bateman struggled to keep composed while filming scenes with Jane Fonda in new comedy drama This Is Where I Leave You, because she had him crying with laughter on camera.

The Horrible Bosses star plays Fonda's onscreen son in the film, about a dysfunctional Jewish family which is forced to obey the patriarch's final wish and mourn his death by sitting Shiva for a whole week.

Bateman admits he enjoyed working with movie icon Fonda, but she was so funny in between takes, he couldn't shoot serious scenes with a straight face.

The actor says, "She fully made me cry in scenes where I was not supposed to cry.

"Since I had kids I'm a real (sensitive soul), I cry at commercials... it's terrible... But when Jane Fonda gets going with this great script on top of it, I started to weep a couple times, embarrassingly, and the director had to say, 'We need a couple takes with you where you're dry. Will you shut the faucet off, little girl?'

"But she's so, so great in this movie, you've gotta go see her. She had a real, real presence, a great pedigree that she lends to this film."

And Bateman reveals Fonda had a lot of fun with the pair of prosthetic breasts she wears in the movie.

He adds, "Her character has this incredible, incredible, fake set of breasts for this film... This foam number, it's really well done, and she let everybody line up to touch them... In between takes she'd go out to the street and when people drive by, she'd just have her robe open... She's funny as hell."

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