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James Franco spoofs Shia LaBeouf's art project videos

James Franco has poked fun at Shia Labeouf's recent collaboration with a group of art students in Britain by releasing his own parody set in a bathroom.

The troubled Transformers star recorded 36 clips to introduce pieces by students on the Fine Art bachelor of arts (BA) course at Central Saint Martins college in London, and in one video, he shouts the phrase "Just do it!" repeatedly at the camera.

In others he is seen yelling motivational phrases such as "Don't let your dreams be dreams", and "Yesterday, you said tomorrow".

On Tuesday (02Jun15), Franco decided to have some fun with LaBeouf's unusual project, and shared his own video called "Just Poo It".

In the footage, posted on YouTube.com, the Oscar nominee is wearing a shirt and boxer briefs, as he yells, "Just do it!", before revealing he is filming in a bathroom.

He continues, "Just do it! Just poo in the toilet. Just do it! Do you want to keep pooping in your littler diapers? Just poop in the toilet! All of those other little kids are pooping in their pants. You said you would do it yesterday! Do it in the toilet! Just poo it! Just poo it!!!"

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