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Jake Gyllenhaal shuts down Marvel talk

Jake Gyllenhaal doesn’t think he’d fit into the Marvel Universe.

Stars such as Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans have been part of the comic book world for years, but as Marvel continues to expand, more left field actors like Benedict Cumberbatch and Paul Rudd have been welcomed into the fold.

Jake still can’t see himself joining though.

“I usually say I don’t know,” he told Britain’s Metro newspaper when quizzed any Marvel ambitions. “But the truth is I just don’t think I would fit there. As I get older I am much less interested in hoping people see me in a certain way and more interested in just doing whatever I’m doing. They can like it or not. This is where I am.”

Jake can currently be seen in Tom Ford’s dark thriller Nocturnal Animals alongside Amy Adams. The film tells the story of an author who seeks revenge on his ex-wife by dedicating a violent novel to her.

Dark roles have become synonymous with the Oscar-nominee, and Jake says he was drawn to Nocturnal Animals because of its sinister elements.

“It was the metaphor and the dream-like quality. Like when we wake up from a dream and go: ‘I just killed this person’ or ‘someone just killed me’ and it feels real in that moment,” he expressed. “It hits you as hard as it possibly could and then it just fades. People talk about the brutality of losing love or the idea of loss and it’s kind of metaphoric connection to murder – I loved that idea.”

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