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Jaden Smith regrets rap video

Will Smith's enterprising son Jaden regrets his 2012 skateboarding video venture - because he gave critics the ammunition they needed to attack him for his fashion and rap choices.

The Karate Kid star showed off his skateboarding prowess in the promo for Pumped Up Kicks (Like Me) and he tells Nylon magazine he's still trying to play the video down.

He explains, "It was probably one of the greatest things I did for my rap career, and one of the worst. I wasn't dressing like I wanted to be dressing at the time, even though I was dressing myself. The raps weren't how I wanted the raps to be. All the skater kids were like, 'Oh snap, Jaden's rapping, lemme check it out', and that video gave them a reason to go, 'Yep, Jaden's wack, I knew it!'"

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