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Jack Osbourne's pregnant wife hospitalised after car crash

TV personality Jack Osbourne's pregnant wife Lisa has been hospitalised after she was involved in a car crash.

The rock offspring's partner took to Instagram.com on Tuesday (28Apr15) to tell fans she is under the care of doctors after a motorist collided with the back of her vehicle.

Lisa, who wed Osbourne in 2012 and has a three-year-old daughter, Pearl, with the TV star, posted a black and white photo online showing an array of straps and wires attached to her baby bump as she was monitored by medics.

She added the caption, "When some a-hole rear ends your car & you have to spend 24 hours in L&D (a labour and delivery unit) getting monitored as standard protocol. Baby is fine, but I am losing my mind up in here! Cried on the phone with Pearl bc (because) I wasn't there tonight to put her to sleep. Feeling so much sympathy for the women who have to be in this unit on bed rest for weeks and months due to serious complications. My heart goes out to you."

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