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Iggy Azalea sex tape star comes forward

The man in a new Iggy Azalea sex tape has come forward to clear up reports suggesting the rapper was underage when the racy footage was shot.

Houston rap star Jefe Wine has confirmed he's the guy in the video, which has been offered to porn firm Vivid Entertainment's boss Steven Hirsch, and he is laughing off reports he may have taken advantage of a minor.

After initially insisting she had not made any scandalous videos on Thursday (11Sep14), Azalea's aides now tell TMZ.com the Fancy hitmaker never consented to the video being shot, suggesting she may have been under-18 at the time.

But Wine, real name Maurice Lasel, insists he met Azalea on her 18th birthday, adding she is "100 per cent fully aware" of the fact they shot the sex tape.

The rapper has denied offering the footage to Vivid, but reveals his computer was stolen this summer (14), and thieves may have found the sex clips on that.

Ironically, he is still friends with Azalea and tells TMZ.com he is planning to release a new single which features her.

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