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Hugo star Asa Butterfield unaware of Scorsese's fame

Asa Butterfield was unaware of Martin Scorsese's moviemaking history when he signed up to star in Hugo because the teenager is too young to watch many of the director's hits.

The 14 year old plays the title role in the 3D adventure film, alongside Sir Ben Kingsley and Jude Law, but Butterfield admits he had no idea about Scorsese's impressive back catalogue.

He tells London's Evening Standard, "I knew who he was but I hadn't seen any of his films because most of them are 18s (rated 18) and for adults.

"My mum told me that he was the best. And when I got the job, everyone said, 'Oh, that's amazing.' And so I slowly began to realise how massive this was going to be and how big Scorsese is in the industry.

"He is the best director. Marty never says, 'Do,' instead he encourages you to experiment and says, 'Try this.' He's such a perfectionist."

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