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Hayley Williams: 'I can't be as reckless as I was when I was a teen'

Life on the road is beginning to take its toll on 25-year-old Paramore star Hayley Williams and she is coming to terms with the fact she's not a teenager anymore.

The Misery Business singer admits she can no longer perform at her best by simply showing up at the venue with a stomach full of fast food.

Williams tells Rolling Stone magazine, "Seven or eight years ago, we would go to Taco Bell, grab a bean burrito and run onstage. Now, getting ready for a show takes two hours - (bandmates) Jeremy (Davis) and Taylor (York) have to wrap their ankles, and I have to do stretches so I don't hurt my neck from headbanging. I'm loving it, but I definitely might collapse at one of these shows."

The singer forced the band to scrap two gigs in Texas last week (beg04Aug14) after falling ill with exhaustion-related symptoms and a chest infection.

She resumed dates on the Momentour, a double-header with Fall Out Boy, on Thursday (07Aug14). After the gig, Williams gave fans an update on her health, tweeting, "Made it thru (through) the show tonight!! Only coughed up some green no big (deal)."

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