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Hailee Steinfeld: 'Pregnancy news was an April Fool'

Actress Hailee Steinfeld has come clean about her recent pregnancy 'scare', revealing the whole thing was an April Fool's Day prank dreamed up by her friend Joe Jonas.

Gossips and bloggers went into overdrive when the pals posted a sonogram baby image on Twitter.com, because the picture didn't actually go viral until 2 April (15), and many thought it was too late to be a practical joke.

Appearing on Thursday night's (07May15) Jimmy Kimmel Live in America, she said, "We were basically talking about how I hadn't pulled any pranks yet and he'd been getting people all day, so he's like... 'I got this'. A couple of minutes later my show is blowing up...

"But the best part was that neither one of us chose to say, 'April Fools', so April Fools... There's no baby."

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