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Hailee Steinfeld: 'I now know how good True Grit is'

Hailee Steinfeld can finally detach herself from True Grit to see what an "incredible" film it is.

The actress was aged just 13 when she auditioned for the role of farm girl Mattie Ross, who hires a man to hunt the person who killed her father. Ethan and Joel Coen penned and directed the movie and Hailee scooped numerous award nominations for her performance.

Six years on she's now able to view True Grit for the success it is rather than just the memories of trying out for it.

"I took it more seriously than anything I've ever taken seriously in my life," she recalled to Interview magazine of her audition. "I went in there and was like, 'I have this down.' I read for the Coen brothers, I met (co-star) Jeff Bridges, and there was no scenario other than getting this part. I remember it like it was yesterday; I was in the audition flipping through the pages and I was there and the Coen brothers were sitting there laughing the whole time. I was thinking, 'This is not funny. Why is everyone laughing?'

"And a couple of months ago when I was watching it I realised that I really see the humour now. I didn't get it then and now I do feel like I'm able to detach and see what an incredible piece that really is."

For that whole year of her life, which involved shooting the movie and the awards circuit, people kept reminding her of how much of a once in a lifetime opportunity it was. Whereas back then she remembers smiling and nodding, she now understands what they meant.

Alongside her acting career Hailee is a successful musician, and her debut record Haiz was released in 2015. Both her talents were combined in Pitch Perfect 2, in which she starred as Freshman Emily.

"What was so amazing about using Pitch Perfect 2 as a segue to get into music is that music has always been part of my plan but it was always a matter of, 'How am I going to do this seamlessly and in a way that makes sense?' and not make it a matter of, 'Oh, I'm now making an album and I'm going to release it in two months,'" she added.

Hailee will be returning to the role in the film franchise's third instalment, due out in 2017.

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